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You just started dating a guy for a couple of weeks or month before Christmas. Now it is time to think about what to get your boyfriend for Christmas and you are at a loss of what to buy. If you two have been friends for years before you start dating, chances are that you know his likes and dislikes already. But it is also very likely that you don’t know much about him because you two only met not long ago. Buying gifts for a new boyfriend can be tricky so here are some advices to help you decide:

1.      Have the right mindset

Unless it is lightning strike and you know for sure he is your soul mate, normally nothing is certain at this state of relationship: you can end up being a couple or go your separate ways in year or two. Going too big on your first Christmas present is not a good idea but no giving him any gift or just grab anything random stuff is not advised either. The goal here is to give him a gift that shows him that you like him and care about him but you two are just in the beginning of a relationship so nothing is too serious just yet. Don’t give him gifts that freak him out thinking about the future. And don’t expect that he will give you a gift in return because you may be disappointed: probably he does not sure what is the right gift to give or he is the type of person who simply doesn’t like giving gifts at all.

2.      Spend time with him

It is your first Christmas together so probably there is no better gift than being around each other. Have a nice dinner or movie marathon is nice; basically you can create opportunities to do things together. But don’t invite him to dine at a very expensive restaurant or spend the weekend at a hotel, though. It is too soon to do so. Having private and intimate time together under the candle light in a cozy little bakery is fine enough.

3.      Pay attention to his hobbies

In this first stage of a relationship, you don’t want to ruin it by giving inappropriate gifts: something that he absolutely hates or something that reminds him of a very sad memory. Maybe he won’t blame you for being unthoughtful because you simply don’t know and don’t do it on purpose. But he won’t be happy and so will you. Gather information you know about him from your conversion, his daily life or his friends to have a general ideal of what to buy. It is best that you remember some topics from what you two have discussed and buy things related to them. If he likes music, give him a mix CD or concert ticket. A cook book for a guy who loves cooking is a nice gift: He will know that you truly care about his hobbies.  

4.      Be modest with your gift

It is your sincere heart that counts, not expensive gifts. Unless the guy is a gold-digger, luxurious items will make him feel burdensome. Don’t buy him the latest iPhone just because he mentions that it is cool. Some nice accessories for his phone are acceptable, though.

5.      Homemade gifts are best

A homemade gift tells your new boyfriend that you truly care about him. It is also a chance for you to showcase your talents in cooking, knitting, painting….It is personal enough and therefore more meaningful.

6.      Don’t be too serious

When you too are still getting to know each other, something sweet and fun should be an appropriate gift. A CD mix of Christmas music is a safe choice. A jar or home-baked cookies. A movie ticket. But you know that is not fun: your ring size or a picture of your future child. Stuff like that can easily scare the guy away. Also, gifts that are too sentimental are also not advised.

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